and… Ed

April 13, 2016


Other Names/titles: The Prez, The Master of Games, The One Who Knocks, I Like Turtles, 

DM Experience: approximately 18 years

Favorite Character: Brian Thorn (world class martial artist, entertainer, womanizer, spy, hero, villain, mad scientist, mech pilot and savior of the universe).

Favorite Campaign (Ran): I want to say the next one, since I enjoy being the GM. However if I have to pick it would be the Chronicles of Arnin. Fun game, invested players and characters, broad epic scope but with fun, unique characters throughout. Ending made a player shed a tear (in a totally manly way of course).

Favorite Campaign (Played):
I've had a lot of fun in many games but right now I'm really invested in the Shadow of the Tower campaign. 

Favorite D&D Class: Ugh, man... I guess I've played more Fighters than anything else. I do enjoy actionee combat based characters. Big fan of Rogues too. I'm not going to make up my mind any time soon, let's just move on.

Favorite System: I'm enjoying the hell out of some 5th Edition but I have to give props to White Wolf and to the Rifts Multiverse, specifically Heroes Unlimited.

What system or game would you like to run?: I have a sandbox style game in mind where early in the gaming the players will be transported to a foreign realm (of sorts) and will not only have to survive but will be given the opportunity to explore and to thrive. I have high hopes for it, will be running in 5th edition.

Points of Inspiration: Mostly film. I love movies and television and get a lot of inspiration from them. Most any plot in any show/movie can be altered to make an interesting game session. Also other games and/or game sessions can be inspiring at times, as well as the GM's best tool, Ye Olde Imagination.

Other Background Notes: I am an amateur writer, former professional wrestler, trained in acting and improv, and a wannabe film maker. And I love you. 

The End