aka DM.F.

Other Names/titles: MD.F, F, Big J, The Man, God (j/k)

DM Experience: 18+ years

Favorite Character:  Verigas 1/2 Gold Dragon Psion(Kenetisist) (3.5E D&D)

Favorite Campaign (Ran): I'm tempted to say Contagion which was my last 3.5 game run prior to the 5e release. However my favorite was actually one of my first 3.5 campaigns I called The Four Horsemen. I'm sure you can guess the inspiration. I had 4 players and we would flip-flop sides. I'd run them as the four horsemen for a few sessions, then we'd flip and run them as their hero counterparts for a few sessions. Though at times it was a bit like playing chess against yourself it made for some interesting moments as we had no prior agreements as to which side would prevail. (The heroes won, at great cost!)

Favorite Campaign (Played): My first Exalted game (1st edition.) It went on for close to a year playing 2-4 days a week. I got to experience a lot of role-playing moments for the first time in this game. I actually learned a lot from it both as a player and as a GM. 

Favorite D&D Class: Wizard. I love arcane casting, always have, always will!

Favorite System: D&D 5e. I think it's great. I commend Wizards of the Coast for the fine work they have done with this new system.

What system or game would you like to run?: I wouldn't mind maybe giving Shadow Run a shot. I've played 2nd edition a few times in the past. I always thought it was an interesting game world. I'd have to learn whatever the newest edition was and dedicate some serious time to prep to do it well (in my opinion) but I think it could be good. I've never run a Shadow Run game.

Points of Inspiration: The Dragonlance Chronicles, War of the Twins, War of the Spider Queen, Willow, Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, The King Arthur legend, Gargoyles, dozens of anime, and my infinite imagination...

Other Background Notes: I started Roleplaying at 15 but I had been into fantasy and science fiction long before. I have been writing in one form or another for as long as I can remember and I think that has been an invaluable tool as a GM. I am also quite experienced with Photoshop which has been another valuable tool for my virtual tabletop gaming (of which I am a huge fan of but I'll cover that in a future podcast.) if you wanna see some of my maps check out my Mad Doc Designs Facebook page.

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