aka Freadan


Other Names/titles: Panda, Lord Bruticus, Kaz, The Crimson Devil


DM Experience: 25+ years


Favorite Character: Osrik Stoneskull, Dwarven Cleric (5E D&D)


Favorite Campaign (Ran): The Shadow of the Tower, 5E D&D. It was great seeing the players flip back and forth between their hero and villain personas trying to play both sides for personal gain.


Favorite Campaign (Played): Rise of the Spartans, a Vampire game that ran for 3 years real time. I played a Ravnos Street Racer and Car Thief. Nothing quite like derailing the climax of an epic game to make a memorable story.


What system or game would you like to run?: A few years ago I bought a friend a third party D20 Transforming Robots and Anime Mecha styled RPG. With my other hobbies (Specifically collecting Transformers) This seems like it would be really fun to jump into. Maybe I should dig up a copy for myself....


Favorite D&D Class: Cleric. Has been since OD&D.


Favorite System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It's a brutal harsh world, which makes success so much sweeter. Plus, the system not only encourages, but requires making well-rounded characters.


Other Background Notes: I started gaming before I can remember, with the Red Box D&D. Adding 15 years of Theatre experience makes tabletop gaming one of my favorite past times. The podcast duties come naturally to me with my 5 years of radio experience. I'm really looking forward to seeing this endeavor grow and develop into something we can all enjoy.


Points of Inspiration: The Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman; The Swords Series by Fred Saberhagen; War Against the Chtorr by David Gerrold; The Princess Bride by William Goldman (Book and film); Guardians of the Flame by Joel Rosenberg

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